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The news followed the NBA's decision, cheap jordans for sale announced yesterday, to fine the Los Angeles Clippers $250,000 for violating NBA rules prohibiting teams from offering players unauthorized business or investment opportunities.

"The violation involved a presentation made by the cheap jordans for sale online Clippers to free agent DeAndre Jordan on July 2 that improperly included a potential third-party endorsement opportunity for the player," the NBA said in a release. "While the NBA's investigation ultimately concluded that the presentation of this opportunity had no impact on Jordan's decision to re-sign with the Clippers, the team's cheap jordans on sale conduct nevertheless violated the league's anti-circumvention rules."

But the real buzz came when reports added another element to the mix cheap jordan sales. Not only has the NBA reiterated its anti-circumvention rules, but Rovell tweeted that the NBA said Brand Jordan shoe deals must be decided by an executive other than Michael Jordan.

In the last seven years, six Charlotte Hornets players have received Brand Jordan shoe deals, cheap jordans online leading to speculation that Jordan may be supplementing players' salaries with Brand Jordan endorsements cheap jordans sale. (The team was formerly known as the Charlotte Bobcats.)

The NBA has clarified, in a statement, that its anti-circumvention rules cheap jordan for sale prohibit teams from, among other things, "providing or arranging for others to provide any form of compensation to a player unless such compensation is included in a player cheap jordan online contract or otherwise expressly permitted under the CBA."