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After the excruciating journey that many don't even cheap authentic retro jordans make it through, these refugees arrive at camps like the one I visited last week with my wife in Germany. Let me tell you, it's not the promised land they were hoping for.

As I walked into the gated area, I was immediately greeted by a dozen children that had huge smiles on their faces, overshadowing their dirty clothing and skinny bodies. They grabbed our hands and sang us songs. They seemed completely unaffected by the environment cheap retro jordans. However, the faces of the adults were far different. They often didn't even want to be seen, dodging into small crates/tents that they called home. When I asked the few that would speak to me why no one wanted to be seen, they explained it very simply: these are people that have lead very respectable lives. They often come from stable homes with stable jobs and don't want the world to see them in this state. They want to be known by the life they led before this. The life they had worked so hard to achieve that could now only be found in photographs they carry with them.

The man in charge of the camp greeted me with a worn smile. I could tell that he was doing his very best to make his camp respectable, but the minimal funds he had at hand weren't even coming close to creating a temporary livable environment for these families cheap authentic jordan shoes.

As I walked into one family's crate, I was immediately moved to tears. A man greeted me with his four children clinging to his legs. He was from Syria and tried to bring a smile to his heavy lips. He hardly could look me in the eyes out of embarrassment for his "home" that was roughly the size of a tiny American bathroom. He didn't speak English or German so we weren't able to converse, but his eyes told me so much. I don't think I'll ever forget those eyes. In them I saw a father's desire to do whatever it took to take care of his children. Also, complete sorrow for the home and life he had left behind. Being so close to defeat, but not showing it so that his children could see. It was in those eyes that I found the resolve to do whatever it took to help these refugees cheap authentic jordans. No article did that for me. No video. Only human interaction, even without words being shared.

I met with a man that was a chef back home in Africa. He was strong and had the biggest smile I had ever seen. He told me that he would cook in the kitchen each day for people in the camp. The kitchen for more than 300 people consisted of a few stoves and ovens. On the wall, written with marker, were names of families that were assigned days to clean the kitchen.

The bathroom was a topic of much contempt with everyone I spoke to. Upon entering it cheap retro jordan shoes, I immediately understood why. There were only a few meager toilets that were supposed to be able to support over 300 people. Feces were spread out on the ground; the smell was overbearing. Refugees in the camp tried to apologize to me for the condition of the bathroom, as if it was their fault they had been kicked out of their homes and were forced to resort to living in an overpopulated and under financed refugee camp. Granted, it was better than nothing. Or was it? We now know that the conditions of many of these camps — especially in Jordan and Lebanon — are so bad that refugees are returning home to their war torn countries only to be killed. Over 100,000 civilians have been slaughtered due to this epidemic.