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Like many people, I find most of my information cheap jordan sneakers regarding world news on the internet. I have a regular routine of waking in the morning and scouring the web to keep updated on world events. It's the modern day newspaper, air jordan sneakers for sale except the sources seem to be endless and the opinions are far more reaching.

Now that the world seems to be consolidated into a computer screen, cheap air jordan sneakers it's even easier to fall into the trap of thinking that you understand an issue thoroughly based on a little browsing. Light research can quickly become an unchangeable opinion.

Some seem to have the answers to the world's problems at hand, even if they are hundreds cheap jordans sneakers of thousands of miles away from ground zero. Others are so overwhelmed by the constant outpour of devastating news that they don't even know where to start.

It's understandable for people to think that they know what it feels like to be in jordan sneakers cheap the shoes of others just based upon articles/pictures/videos they've seen on the internet. It's also very easy to become numb or overwhelmed with the amount of world problems at hand. We often have to make our best assumptions and opinions based on the few resources we have, and often that's the internet, not real life experience.

The sad truth is that the internet doesn't even begin to capture the true heartbreaking reality of what it is to be a refugee.

The refugees I speak of are NOT "migrants." They are not packing up their bags in search of a better economic situation. They aren't in search of a job that is better than the one their country offers. Not to say there is anything wrong with that. If I was born into a poverty-stricken country, I imagine that I also would try to move to a place that offered me a better situation. Isn't that what we all do at work? Do our best to climb the ladder to a higher position? A better paying job? We move states if we get a better job offer. So isn't it understandable that someone would try to leave their jordan sneakers for sale country to escape impoverishment and provide a better future for themselves?

But still, that isn't the refugee I speak of. Those aren't the refugees that I met with at a camp in Germany. Their story was a very different one.

These refugees had to flee their beautiful homes and secure jobs due to war. They had no choice. It was either move or be killed. They wish nothing more than to be back in their homes, but that isn't an option. These are people who had dedicated their lives to their trade. To their families. Their education. These are lawyers.

These are people just like you and me. They aren't what I see many people calling them — "freeloaders." Over half of these refugees are children. HALF. With over 11 million people displaced, the math is nothing short of devastating.

If they are lucky enough to be able to pay off smugglers to get them jordan sneakers online across the border (which is extremely expensive) they then have to face a journey that often leads to death. Small dingy boats that often don't reach the shore. Little to no food along the way. Terrible treatment. These are very scary circumstances for a full grown adult, let alone small innocent children.